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We are a Digital Computer Forensic Researching Lab located in Malaysia. SDR Team Technological innovation Noting Is Imposible In Data Recovery..5 5 5 5

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Computer Lost Files or Crashed Data Storage Like Raid External Portable HDD Removable Flash Disk Memory Micro SD Card Laptop Encrypted Password Protected Devices, cloud storage IP Inaccessible Solid Satte Drive Chip Damage Raw Extraction Hard Disk Mechanical failure Read Write Head Replacement in Clean Room Lab.

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FAQs About the Best Data Recovery in Malaysia

How much does data recovery in Malaysia cost?

The Data Recovery Price in Malaysia all about depending how damage effected hdd ssd server nas computer desktop sd card memory chip flash disk external portable removable storage logical damage we charge up to 300. if its mechanical damage (physical damage) to your drive can cost from 1200. we offer free diagnosis in case expensive you can cancel without any payment enterprises data storage devices like servers, NAS, and RAID drives will cost up to 1800.

Can I recover files from a crashed or failed external hard drive?

The best data recovery in Malaysia smart data recovery can help you to retrieve lost or corrupted information from inaccessible files storage. This most advanced lab recovery on failed hard drives our guarantee services

How long for mechanical & logical Recovery Time

Logical data recovery take 1 to 3 days it can be increase depending bad sector head slow reading on the problem of your device. for mechanical data recovery we need to get matching donor parts, some time we need to order oversea, all about after free diagnosis can give you estimated time farms

Can you recover lost data from a server?

When a data loss occurs on something as valuable as a server, it is enterprises to the life of your business to get back up data and running as soon as possible. smart data recovery malaysia here angle for customer to fast rescue Data Recovery Lab

How to recover data from encrypted server raid vm hyperv nas?

When server crashed due to power need onsite data recovery like smart data technical team can diagnosis, if raid system encrypted and there is array hdd mechanical failed extreamply complicated to retrieve information contact smart data recovery malaysia for guarantee service

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